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Voice: MAPA has contagious courage

April 10, 2002

The Mexican American Political Association has fought injustice during and after World War II and is still fighting these injustices, but now with a better self-concept, with a sustaining and lasting dedication and determination and with more sophisticated and greater manpower. The dedication is courageous and contagious.

MAPA through its political process is fighting the vast racism that is rampant in our country and that seems unable to tolerate differences.

MAPA is fighting for the right to be as we are Chicanos and within our culture we demand the right to be first-class citizens within this, our United States.

MAPA will continue to build its political strength to achieve its goals.

"I am La Raza,

I … stand straight and proud.

Yes … I stand.

… Till my heart refuses … breath,

… Till my blood sees no more,

… Till I know no life.


Still …

… I remain

My Soul is Chicano."

From the poem "Escape" by Margarita Virginia Sanchez.

Por mi Raza


El Centro

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