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Get ready for 4-H presentation day on April 20

April 10, 2002|By ASHLEY MENVIELLE, Special to this newspaper

The 2002 Imperial County 4-H presentation day will be April 20 at McCabe School, 701 W. McCabe Road in rural El Centro. Registration is from 8:30 to 9 a.m.

There will be an opening assembly at 9 and then participating 4-H members will disperse to the various venues to give their presentations. The presentations being given include demonstrations, illustrated talks, public speeches, impromptu speeches, cultural arts, songleading and "share-the-fun" skits. In addition, there will be a primary clinic for 4-H members between ages 5 and 8 and 4-H educational displays.

Those 4-H members interested in earning their star ranks are required to do demonstrations. For a bronze star four demonstrations are required, for a silver star, seven and a gold star, 10.

The 4-H demonstrations are short presentations wherein the 4-H member shows particular skills or knowledge that has been learned in the member's 4-H project work.


Their purpose is twofold: to develop members' public speaking skills and to teach appropriate and accurate subject matter utilizing effective methods. Some presentations may be illustrated talks or public speaking rather than demonstrations, depending on the nature of the subject matter. All are judged alike. While subject matter and content are important, technique and presentation will be the prime point for judging.

Please note the following:

1. 4-H members may give a demonstration, illustrated talk or a public speaking presentation in any project area regardless of project enrollment.

2. Presentations given in past years may be given again as long as the demonstration was not a regional winner. This means a member may spruce up posters, revise last year's demonstration, practice his/her talk and give it again this year.

3. Each presenter will be held responsible for providing personal equipment and props for their presentation. Notes should not be used.

4. Divisions: primary n third grade and below, juniors n fourth and fifth grade (five-12 minutes), intermediate n sixthneighth grade (five-12 minutes) and seniors n ninth and above (seven-12 minutes). Consideration will be given to those who maintain time limits.

5. Demonstrations may be given by a team (two persons) or by an individual.

6. Public speaking is open to individuals only.

7. The 4-H uniform is not required but appropriateness of dress will be considered. Neatness and cleanliness are most important.


A member develops a formal speech on a topic of his/her choice.

1. Time limits: juniors and intermediates (three-five minutes) and seniors (five-seven minutes).

2. Notes may be used but should not be relied on.

3. Gold medals will be awarded on the same basis as presentations.

4. Speech may be on 4-H project or activity, but that is not required. Any topic may be used for the public speaking entry.

5. Members do not have to be enrolled in the public speaking project to enter in this event.

6. Members will be judged on delivery, not content.


A group of two or more club members who present a short skit or play related to 4-H. Rules are:

1. No divisions. Members must be 9 (or in the fourth grade) to 19 years old.

2. Judging based on entertainment value, self-confidence, skill or talent of participants.

3. Must not exceed 10 minutes.

4. One individual or club group will be selected to represent our county at the regional presentation day.

Cultural arts: An individual or club group performance. There is no limit to size or number in the group. You may use instruments, dance, sing or mime. Same guidelines as "Share the Fun" apply. One individual or club group will be selected to represent our county at regional presentation day.

Songleading: An individual or team select one or two songs and show their ability to lead group singing. Same guidelines as Share the Fun, except:

1. Maximum five minutes to teach song and five minutes to lead song.

2. No instruments allowed.

3. Judging will be based on the ability of the member to gain audience participation, control, rhythm and pitch through arm movement, voice and poise.


This is an unprepared speech. Members are given two topics to choose from, then select one topic for their speech.

1. Once the topic is selected a member has five minutes to prepare.

2. Speech must be no more than three minutes long.

3. All participants are encouraged to go on to regional presentation day.

There will be an awards ceremony at the end of the event. Gold seal winners for demonstration, illustrated talks and public speaking are eligible to participate at the southern regional field day May 18 at Mount San Antonio College in Los Angeles County.

All applications for the county presentation day are due in the 4-H office by Friday. Applications can be mailed or faxed to the 4-H office at 352-0846. For more information and to confirm that your application has been received call 352-9474.

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