Probe: April 10, 2002

April 10, 2002

QUESTION: What's going on with the Barbara Worth Country Club sewer district? Last I heard the district had applied for a grant to upgrade the sewer. — Former Valleyite, e-mail

The 30-year-old plastic sewer pipe is crumbling and the estimated cost of replacing it is $1 million.

Back in 1972, when country club area residents formed a sewer treatment district, Holtville helped the district get a grant to run the sewer line two miles to Holtville's sewer plant. Now Holtville doesn't want to talk about the line.

"It's not our line," said Holtville City Manager John Jordan.

Imperial County assumed control of the sewer district a few years ago and is now responsible for the maintenance and repair of the line, said Jordan.

When the line breaks, Holtville sends a crew and machinery to repair it and sends the bill to the county. A relatively minor break can easily cost $2,000 to fix. There were three breaks last year, according to Jordan.


QUESTION: My father-in-law applied in February for an apartment in the new El Centro Senior Villas on Park Avenue. He paid $25 for a credit check. They told him he would have an answer March 15.

This is April and he still has not been notified if he has the apartment. He has driven by several times and the office is always closed. There is no activity around. What is the deal?

My father-in-law has his trailer for sale and has an offer on it, but he can't sell it until he knows for sure that he has an apartment. — Son-in-law, El Centro

By the time you read this, your father-in-law may know if he got the apartment. Gene Stacy of Community Housing Management in Long Beach said the El Centro office is open and the apartments are filling.

If he hasn't heard, tell him to drop by the apartment site and talk to Dolores Limon or call her at 554-5015.

It took longer to finish the complex than expected, Stacy said.

"We couldn't open the office until we got the OK from the city," he said.

QUESTION: I received my income tax refund this week but I seem to have lost it. I don't know if I threw it in the trash or if I just misplaced it. I don't want to take any chances.

Is there some way I can cancel the check and get a new one? Is there a number I can call or any way to do that? Please help if you can. — Desperately Seeking, Brawley

Go to the El Centro office of Internal Revenue Service and tell the IRS employee at the counter what happened. You will be provided forms to fill out. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

It will take a few weeks before you get your replacement check. We expect IRS will pull up the check number on its computer, put a stop payment on the check and eventually issue you a new one.

QUESTION: I would like to see the old Heber College. Where is it? — Curious, Ocotillo

It's still in Heber. Moving the building to the Pioneers' Museum is turning out to be a bigger job than expected.

The building is two blocks north of Highway 98 and a block east of the railroad tracks. Once you find Heber it will be easy to find the old building. Heber is small and the building is big.

Before the building can be moved, the old basement must be filled with dirt so movers can put dollies under the building to raise it to load it on a truck, said Lynn Housour, museum director.

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