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Probe: April 11, 2002

April 11, 2002

QUESTION: I have been reading online the hoopla about El Centro's "Sun Man" logo. It's kind of ironic after what I did a year ago. I had the "Sun Man" tattooed on my lower back because I love the sun and the Valley. The tattoo is about the size of a quarter. It will seem odd not to see the logo when I fly out there every year. Can I have the old sign? — Sun Man Groupie, Dallas

Let us get this straight. You had the sun man tattooed on your backside? Did you also get a tattoo of the ® registered trademark symbol showing the logo and its slogan, "Where the sun spends the winter" because they belong to the El Centro Chamber of Commerce?

That's what the fuss is all about, the chamber's insistence that the logo must carry the circle R symbol. The El Centro City Council said that was too much trouble and voted to no longer use the logo.


It doesn't matter, because the Sun Man remains alive and well protected at the Chamber of Commerce. The chamber is the official marketing agent for the city. The Sun Man will remain on all the chamber's promotional materials.

You may not even notice his absence from El Centro vehicles, invoices and stationary.

QUESTION: I am the single parent of three children who could benefit from the 21st Century after-school program. However, that program is so disorganized.

It's holding a track meet Saturday but I didn't find out about it until April 8, and the deadline for entering was April 5.

When I called Washington School where my daughter attends, the school didn't know anything about the track meet.

Why can't that program get its act together? — Disgusted Dad, El Centro

We hope it will because the $1.6 million program could be life-changing for hundreds of El Centro children.

In any case, we solved your problem. You can enter your kids as late as 8 a.m. Saturday morning at Southwest High School, where the event will be conducted, promised Jesus Perez, project coordinator at the El Centro Elementary School District.

You also can enter the children today or Friday at their school sites (on the playground after school) or at the El Centro youth center. You will have to sign the waiver or permission slips. The track meet is open to all elementary school children (grades one through six) in the El Centro and McCabe school districts.

The project is a partnership between the ECESD and the city Parks and Recreation Department. It provides activities for two hours daily after school.

Children may choose from art, drama, remedial school work, games and sports, or they may choose to spend an hour in "fun" activities and an hour in remedial or "homework" classes.

QUESTION: I lost my wallet Thursday at Valley Medical Pharmacy in Brawley. I laid it on the counter when I picked up a prescription. One minute it was there and the next minute it was gone.

It had my driver's license, the kids' medical cards, $400 in cash and $287 worth of food stamps. It was my rent money and the money for my electric bill. Can you ask anybody who might have picked up my wallet to return it? — Broke, Brawley

We can ask. Stranger things have happened. When a young woman from Mexicali left her purse with $3,000 in it to buy a car at a Brawley restaurant, we knew there was no chance it would be returned. A restaurant employee found it under the table. It was a miracle and you need a miracle.

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