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Voice: Live life to the fullest

April 12, 2002

On an old "Golden Girls" segment a character says, "I don't have the courage to die by inches." Yet all of us must do that from the moment we are born.

If each of us knew how many days of life are allotted to us, perhaps we would plan better how to use it. But we cannot know. Unfortunately, when we are young, we think we have forever, and let time slip through our fingers like worthless sands.

Only when we become aware that our earthly days are numbered — that none of us will live forever — do we realize how precious each day, each hour, each minute of life is.

There are those among us who don't really begin to live until they realize that life is finite.

A strange phenomenon — a sudden burst of genius — was noted among England's tubercular poets of John Keats' era. It was as if their coming deaths had anointed them. They became consecrates — dedicated to their chosen art.


Those writers were able to focus their energies the moment that they learned they had only a short time in which to achieve their goals.

It's one thing to know that death works in the wings, ready to take us at some future time.

It's quite another thing to have death residing inside of us, so that we are literally dying an inch, or a corpuscle, at a time.

But in our world today, none of us can be assured of tomorrow. A drunken driver may mow us down. We may be killed by a dope addict in an act of robbery. We may even die at the hands of a total stranger who shoots us randomly, as he would glass bottles on a log.

Since there are so many variables affecting our life spans, each of us should try to make every minute count. We should each strive to become the best person that we can be, achieve all that we can for ourselves and others and fill our lives with loving thoughts and happiness.

It isn't the length of life that counts — it's the quality.


El Centro

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