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Probe: April 12, 2002

April 12, 2002

QUESTION: Is the new interim director of Clinicas De Salud Del Pueblo the same Esperanza Sykora who forgot to leave her granddaughter at the daycare center and left the child in the car all day while she put in a full day's work. The child died. Sykora said she forgot about her grandchild because she was under a lot of stress.

As interim director of the Clinicas, won't she be under even more stress? Why were no charges filed against her? — Concerned, Brawley

Maybe as the boss she will be under less stress. A study done several years ago reported the least-stressed person on a job site is the administrator. People with control suffer less stress than people with no control, according to the study.

When the boss has too much to do he delegates, going from underling to underling, ordering "do this" or "do that."


As you might expect, there was an immediate outcry for vengeance after the death of the 3-year-old. However, District Attorney Gilbert Otero declined to file charges. He said he could not see a benefit in prosecuting Mrs. Sykora.

"There's nothing we could do to her that would compare to the loss of her granddaughter," Otero said.

We agree.

QUESTION: The drive-thru at Union Bank in Brawley has been closed for over three months. The employees are using it as their own private shaded parking. The service was wonderful for people like me with physical limitations.

It's difficult getting all my errands done and the convenience of the drive-thru made my life a little easier. I can only imagine the difficulty this has caused wheelchair-bound individuals. — Hobbling to Bank, Brawley

You can't imagine how hard it is to repair the mechanical apparatus required for a bank drive-thru window. At this location, the only way to loop the tube from the bank to the car and back again is to bury it underground into the alley.

That's a city alley so the work requires a city permit to dig on city property. Parts won't be easy to get because some equipment manufacturers have shut down. Most banks have closed their drive-thrus permanently in favor of drive-thru automatic teller machines.

Vic Lockwood, a Union Bank spokesman, said efforts to repair the drive-thru are under way but it may take two or three months to complete. Sorry, that's the best we can do.

QUESTION: While reading PROBE online the other day, there was a question about the Bell Game. A reader wanted to know which team, Brawley or Central, won the most games.

I filmed the Brawley games from the early 1950s to the 1980s. As I remember Brawley won about 80 percent of the games. During the same period Don Knight was the sports reporter for the Brawley News. He started when he was in high school. He may still have his old notes and may be able to solve the problem. Also the game films may be around someplace. — Dick Hern, Missouri

If Don Knight were still around, we would have called him first. He would not have needed to look in his notes. It would have all been in his head and instantly rolling off his tongue.

Sadly, Don died last year.

Truthfully, the records are all here in our microfilmed copies of our back issues. Can you imagine poring through 60 football seasons looking for Bell Game scores?

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