Voice: Why hasn't the IID efficiency study been implemented?

April 15, 2002

Months keep going by and the Imperial Irrigation District continues to spend more money and ignore cutting costs.

What happened to the savings we expected from the efficiency study? What have we gotten for the three quarters of a million dollars spent performing the study? Nothing! Just words! And more spending! The IID way — ignore and hope the customers forget.

Again, let me repeat what I said a few months ago. How can you implement with the very people who rejected savings in the first place? It is not normal to take incentives away from themselves.

Yet, this is what we are expected to accept. Are we really that stupid? Instead of reducing costs, IID has increased spending by spinning their wheels in more fruitless meetings, meetings that have apparently caused so much frustration that another team builder has been brought in to resolve the conflicts. This despite the fact that the district spent over $365,000 a few years ago on another team builder, Kathy Loveless.


How much is being spent on this new team builder? Why haven't we seen the bill? Spend, spend, spend. Where's the leadership? When will we see costs controlled?

Not any time soon, I'm afraid. Not only hasn't the district implemented the efficiency study and added additional costs for "team building," but I've heard it continues to spend over 30 percent on overtime and hires "part-time" employees whenever it wants. Why should there be any overtime or additional help if you are already overstaffed? Isn't this what management is supposed to do — plan and control? Apparently not at the district.

How long will it be before we are asked to accept a rate increase? Sadly, I think not long. It looks inevitable in the future. You can't just keep wasting money without consequence.



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