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A Reader Writes by Dorothy Griggs: The Guy in … The White Pickup (Imperial Valley ‘Baby Boomers')

April 15, 2002

When I approach a four-way stop,

I look to my left and then to my right,

All the time hoping there's none in sight,

One of those guys in a white pickup.

I encounter them daily

And I always find …

Their time is of more value than mine???

Those guys in the white pickups.

Those fortyish males …

They know they are fast!


Tho I was first, I'm going to be last,

After the guy in the white pickup.

He makes a "rolling stop,"

But I know what to do …

He steps on the gas. Hey! I let him through!

‘Cause he's the guy in the white pickup.

You can always tell

Those impatient "road hogs" …

They're easy to spot, they haul dogs,

And they're the guys in the white pickups.

Their mode of dress

Include Levis you know …

Casual, ranch/cowboy clothes.

Those guys in the white pickups.

It seems to me

He's usually alone.

Sometime busy on his cellular phone.

He's the guy in the white pickup.

Don't be fooled about

Who's "king of the road."

Folks in this valley, they all know …

It's the guy in the white pickup.

Someday they will …

Get gray/grow old.

But the world will still know …

They'll be the guys

In the OLD white pickups


A. Do you know one?

B. Do you have one?

C. Are you one?

If you answered no on all three:

A. You just moved here

B. You're just passing through

C. You're in denial

(Dedicated to all …

White pickup owners in Imperial Valley

In 1980s and '90s.)

>> Dorothy Brown Griggs, 70, a native of Missouri, has resided in Brawley for 40 years with her husband, Nathan. They have two children, Dale and Cheryl, five grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. Dorothy Griggs worked at JCPenney in Brawley and El Centro and helped with the family trucking business until her retirement. She has written hundreds of poems and several songs. She has self-published two books and is working on several more. She has been published in several newspapers, newsletters and anthologies and her poems have been read in many places.

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