PROBE: April 16, 2002

April 16, 2002

QUESTION: I went to Big O for tires Thursday. They didn't have the tires in stock and had to order them so I would have to wait until Monday. However, they wouldn't order the tires unless I paid for them ($300) in advance.

I need tires now so I called to cancel the purchase. They said they had ordered the tires and can't cancel the order. They said they would only give an in-store credit. Finally, for my $300 cash, they gave me a check for $163.24 plus the credit. — Angry Consumer, El Centro

Before you pay for merchandise in advance, find out about the store's refund policy. Some merchants are lenient if you have an attack of buyer's remorse. Others take a hard line.

Store owner Glen Rye said a store sign in the store announces his no-cash refund policy. He refuses to special order merchandise without payment in advance. Customers change their minds, leaving him stuck paying shipping charges both ways.


A BIG EDGE — You don't have to go through all the microfilm to get an exact Bell Game record. The Bell Game scores are printed to the current year on all the Brawley Wildcat home game programs.

In the 58-game history of the contest, there has been only one tie. Central's eight-game winning streak reflected a period when Central's student population doubled the BUHS enrollment.

I am the biggest Bell Game fan in the Imperial Valley. I can recall missing only one game, 1997, when Brawley won 20-0. — Big Fan, Brawley

Thanks for the tip. Another Wildcat booster faxed us a copy of the game program, so now we have it solid. Our reader who recalled Central had the bell for all of her high school years (1987-1991) was right.

Central went on a tear, winning eight straight games from 1984 through 1991. The 1990 win was forfeited when it turned out Central played an ineligible player.

The Wildcats roared back, winning nine of the last 10 games. In 2001, Brawley won 76-7. Including that game, the record is 37 wins for Brawley, 21 for Central.

ELM TREE ELMS — Dick Hern didn't film the Wildcat games in the early 1950s. My brother Charles Elms filmed the games from 1954 to 1957.

He was the first to film the games. Coach Bob Farrell had a stand built so my brother would be above the crowd.

Dick Hern started filming the games after my brother graduated, probably in 1958.

Our father, Herman Elms, started Elms Equipment Rental in 1952.

The day Hern's letter was in PROBE, my brother walked in from Colorado Springs. He heads the film department at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado. — Sis, Brawley

We can't seem to get out of Brawley High today but since you mentioned 1952, we might as well do one more BUHS item.

QUESTION: Will you help us find missing classmates for our 50th reunion (BUHS class of 1952) in October?

We are looking for Joy Burns, Fred Cameron, Eloise Castillon, Oscar Cornejo, Donna Cowell, Joanne Faulkner Hamlin, Yvonne Heath Dickerson, Sue Hillock Johnson, Haran Lee, Donald MacCaffee and Alice Singh Leyva.

Also Glenda Brumley Pistol, Bob Robinson, Andrew Smith, Florence Fairley White, Una Vee Stewart White and Shirley Willard White. — Reunion Committee, Brawley

If you know any of these folks' whereabouts, call Janet Austin Bachar at 344-6857 or Era Belle Stiff Butler at 344-3470.

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