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Voice: Why do we judge others?

April 17, 2002

Why are we all so judgmental these days? Why do we choose to take people and decide if we like them before we even know them? Why is this?

As a citizen of the free America I can't understand why we do this still. Isn't this what we tried to get away from? Isn't this what America was based on, freedom? If so, why do I still see so much of it going on?

I recently saw a person with cancer walking in the mall and when other people noticed how different this person was they turned and looked and laughed because this person had no hair. To me they weren't laughing at the person's hair, they were laughing at their sickness, and it doesn't stop there. People judge others because they are black, because they are white, because they are gay, because they are Islamic.

People judge because they are scared. People judge because they are afraid of what is different. Why is this? Why do we do this?


And the sad thing is I have noticed that we do this a lot more here in the Valley than say in San Diego. My answer to that is because we are all so closed-minded.

I have given you responses to why we do this and now I shall tell you what you can do to prevent it. The answer is get involved, volunteer, meet new people. Don't be afraid get out and see new things. Take a chance because life only happens once and it's your time.



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