Voice: Not enough planning behind subdivision

April 17, 2002

Re: Proposed Buena Vista Park Subdivision, 465 single-family residential homes

We are very disappointed in the El Centro Planning Commission. We believe that a subdivision of this size should have more planning going into it. We find it incredible that this project could be approved before the Imperial Avenue extension is completed south of Interstate 8 to McCabe Road. The increase in the amount of traffic on Clark Road will make a hazardous situation unless the entire roadway is widened. (The section by the water plant would remain as it is right now, as well as the portion south of the project.)

The Planning Commission didn't factor in the cost of cleanup of the weapons range. There is hazardous material there in the form of lead, bullets, etc. There needs to be a plan for paying for the relocation and cleanup of the weapons range, including who will do it and when it will be done.


We believe the city should have a specific plan for the development of the entire area south of El Centro before allowing development of any kind. This specific plan should have input from government agencies, citizens' groups and developers before being adopted.

The equestrian center is a valuable community resource. We would like to see the specific plan include ways to preserve, enhance and fully utilize this important part of our community. Boxing it in on the north and south with housing developments is not smart planning.

We hope that when this goes before the City Council they will use some forethought and plan ahead before they blindly move forward with this project. We would ask the City Council: What future growth is planned for El Centro? What do you want to accomplish in the area south of I-8 in the near and far future? What do you envision for this area and surrounding areas?



Keep Clark Road

Country Committee

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