Voice: Supervisors wasting time on plants, Brawley smelling money

April 18, 2002

Well here we are again. The county Board of Supervisors, city officials and Mr. Birdsall have wasted a lot of taxpayers' money and their time.

The pipeline will be built, it will create badly needed jobs in the Valley and will add to the economy.

If Mr. Birdsall spent as much time on these field-burning farmers as he did on this pipeline the Valley would be a lot better off for every one. So I say once again quit getting into areas that you don't belong. The power plant in Mexico is a State Department problem, not our supervisors'.

We have too many problems here in this valley that need attention. On the Salton Sea, if the sea level would drop to what it was 30 years ago, we would not be another Owens Valley. We were not then and we won't be now. The sea level would not have risen so high had it not been for the water-wasting farmers in this valley.


The Salton Sea is a sewer.

As far as the property goes, who would want to live next to a sewer or meat plant? About 30 years ago there was supposed to be a lot of homes built on the west of the sea. The roads are there but nothing else.

Glad to see some farmers are in favor of dairies in the Valley. One good location would be on the west side of the snowbird trailer park and golf course just west of El Centro and south of Interstate 8.

Also as far as the smell of the Brawley meat plant goes, a very good NON-field-burning farmer from Holtville once said to a hayseed who was complaining about the smell of a cattle field yard, that was the smell of money.

So Brawley folks, now you know what money smells like. It smells good. The ones who complain the most are the ones who don't have any and think that some of us shouldn't have any, either. It is the American way.

Oklahoma farmer with a crop failure … (For the farmer in Holtville, I haven't left yet either and won't. Hope you saved the bus ticket money and donated it to something good like your son's baseball team)



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