Our Opinion: Build it and they will skate

April 18, 2002

It's taken a few years to reach this stage, but it looks like a skate park in Brawley is close to becoming a reality. That the city has stuck with the project despite it having taken a number of years to reach this stage is to Brawley's credit, particularly to the city's parks and recreation director, Karin Morgan.

The skate park is to be built west of the Lions Center gymnasium and it has been no simple task to get clearance to build there, since that property is owned by the Brawley Union High School District and used by BUHS as a practice baseball field.

The city and its two school districts have a history of working together for the betterment of those who reside in Brawley and that has been the case on the skate park project.

The high school district has agreed to give the land to the city for the building of a skate park. In return, city officials have approved the building of a new baseball field for the high school. The new ball field will be built on land shared by the city and the Brawley Elementary School District.


Both the city and the elementary district have to agree to use a portion of the property to build a baseball field. The city has approved doing so and the elementary district is likely to do so later this month.

We are confident that in short order kids who practice skateboarding and in-line skating will see construction beginning on the skate park.

The skate park is an important project because so many kids are into skateboarding and in-line skating. Unfortunately, they often practice their sports in areas that may be inappropriate or, more important, dangerous both for themselves and motorists.

The kids need and deserve a place where they can practice their sports safely. The city of Brawley — just like the cities of Calipatria and Calexico, which already have skate parks — is attempting to address an important recreation need. That is what a city is supposed to do. That is what it means for a City Council to lead.

Morgan has made sure the city has remained focused on the project. We are sure it has not been easy for kids, and even parents, to wait for the skate park, but city staffers and school districts employees have been working hard on the project.

When the park opens everyone in Brawley will benefit.

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