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Calexico Planning Commission to tackle ‘granny flats'

April 21, 2002|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — The Planning Commission here could recommend changing the ordinance governing "granny flats" and set two cases for public hearings at Monday's meeting.

The commission meets at 6:30 p.m. in Calexico's City Hall.

A possible change to the "granny flat" ordinance follows a recent Planning Commission meeting that featured much discussion among the commissioners as to the spirit of the law.

Planning Director Ricardo Hinojosa has said that Calexico homeowners are abusing the granny flat rule by building apartments for rental purposes instead of building a dwelling for a granny.

A granny flat is an independent unit featuring a kitchen and a bathroom built adjacent to or on the same lot as a home.


Commissioners could decide Monday to strengthen the existing ordinance or rework it to allow homeowners to build unattached dwellings on their property that would have to be rented to senior citizens or disabled persons.

Right now, the Calexico ordinance says all granny flats have to be attached to the house.

That provision of the ordinance has bothered some Calexicans because if the person living in the granny flat happens to die, the homeowner would not legally be allowed to rent out the flat.

In addition to discussing the flats, the council will likely set two cases for public hearing.

The first case has been brought before the commission by Calexican George Woo.

Woo asked the commission to let him demolish an abandoned house and grocery store on his 832 E. 2nd St. property and build a 14-unit two story apartment complex on the site.

The second case has been brought by the a coalition of Calexico landowners, the Schaefer Family Trust.

The trust has proposed building 457 new homes on 155 acres east of Calexico's Wal-Mart and north of Cole Road.

The commission will have to decide whether to require the trust to prepare an environmental impact review of the project.

Last year, the commission required the Bravo Partners and Rodiles Family to prepare an EIR for their housing projects, but the commission's ruling was overturned by the City Council.

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