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Voice: Too much board/management mingling

April 22, 2002

What is troublesome in board members/trustees jumping into bed with the superintendent/executive officer/general manager?

1. The board member/trustee becomes so chummy that it makes it harder to hold the S./E.O./G.M. accountable.

2. The board member floats the system — meaning he/she gets most of the info from the S./E.O./G.M. and votes using this info without having to do much homework. This also indirectly places the S./E.O./G.M. on a board seat, weakening checks and balances. Now can you imagine three board members doing this? It would wreck the system.

3. The S./E.O./G.M. will waste lots of money in areas the non-homework-doing board members don't understand or comprehend.

4. The S./E.O./G.M. and managers will always be hiring expensive outside services to make his/her job easier. What will this do to your money?

To add: The last elections were like high school elections, voting for looks and popularity. I say this because very few of the candidate supporters are seen at board meetings getting smart on the issues, seeing who is asleep, who mumbles like an idiot and who floats the system.


Because of the space available it is impossible for this newspaper to report the whole true meaning of a meeting.

If you don't participate don't cry when others, who do participate, have their way.


El Centro

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