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Thank You: Rotary Relay for Life projects

April 26, 2002

The object of Rotary is "service above self." That the El Centro Rotary Club adheres to this creed was amply illustrated by its response to the recent American Cancer Society "Relay for Life."

As a memorial to Rotarian Bob Lasley, who lost his life to cancer last month, and his wife, Jenny, who also died recently, the El Centro Rotary Club and its members responded by raising more than $6,300 to benefit the Cancer Society. The pre-relay goal was only $4,000 and the club ranked a solid second in total proceeds among all organizations participating in the relay.

I wish to extend our team's gratitude to those Rotarians who also contributed equipment, services and other in-kind contributions. Bill Plourd loaned the team a trailer with a generator as a comfortable base of operations during the night and early-morning hours.

Gary Wahl and his partner, Andy Alvarez, from the Penny Shopper contributed a tent to give the Rotary team visibility during the relay.


Don Thompson contributed a variety of fresh fruits and salads from the Sizzler Restaurant to nourish team members and Pepsi Cola Bottling contributed the liquid refreshments.

Bob Brown helped underwrite the cost of printing the T-shirts which were the team's distinctive uniform while walking.

Naturally, I wish to thank all those generous individuals and companies who contributed to our team and the team members themselves who both walked and obtained the pledges that added up to the "over-the-top" results. The team members were: Don Brock, Bob Brown, Rosalva Caro, Bill Harberson, Robert Herrera, Cathy Kennerson, club president, Kirk Lyster, Dan Nuffer, Trish Burich-McNeece, Hud Mitchell, Jim Rhodes, John Sonza, Chris Yeager and Larry Winslow.

I am proud to be a Rotarian. Thank you all.


Relay for Life chairman

El Centro Rotary Club

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