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Voice: What's news at IVC

April 29, 2002

Recently, our Imperial Valley College Foundation has been able to make some significant additions and contributions to the college as a whole.

The IVC Foundation has been able to provide funding for our music department to set up a modern digital recording studio.

The foundation has been able to provide a new satellite dish and network access for our French language program.

The foundation will be producing about 20,000 book covers that will be given to our Imperial Valley high schools. These book covers will feature information as to how students can start their higher education process right here at home for a fraction of the cost of going out of the Valley for their general ed classes.

The foundation is paying for computer hook-ups, an LCD projector and viewing screen to help the revitalization project for our agriculture program.


The foundation is also providing annual $200 scholarships to each high school for graduating seniors who will be attending IVC as an agriculture major.

The foundation continues to support the English and math festivals for our Valley schools. This year some additional certificates for merchandise at local businesses were offered as an added incentive for school participation.

Last but definitely not least is the IVC Foundation participation along with the customer service committee of IVC in putting on the ultra-successful staff appreciation barbecue. At this barbecue college administration cooked, served lunch to and cleaned up after all of the 237 employees who chose to attend the barbecue. It was their way of saying a big thank you for the job these people do all year long.

In closing I can only say I am proud to be affiliated with the IVC Foundation and with the great people and the great work they do at Imperial Valley College.

The next time someone asks you to support the IVC Foundation with a membership contribution and that question about why should I do that pops into your mind, I hope you will remember this thank you note.

Grateful for the privilege to serve …


Executive director

IVC Foundation

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