PROBE: April 29, 2002

April 29, 2002

QUESTION: My son is doing a project on famous athletes from the Imperial Valley such as Glenn Cadrez, Robert Thomas and Danny Villanueva. He looked without success on the Internet for background information.

He would like to interview them or their families. Can you help? — Mom, E-mail

There's a ton of information about Cadrez and Thomas on the Internet if you know how to access it. Go to ivpressonline, scroll down the page and click on archives. Type in Thomas and Galvan. That will bring up all the Thomas stories written by Press Sports Writer Eric Galvan. There's a bunch of them.

The last one gave Galvan his first bylined lead story on page one. It was an account of Thomas' draft by the St. Louis Rams.

Now repeat the process with Cadrez.

If this is too complicated, call Galvan at 337-3435. He can connect you with the parents of Cadrez and Thomas. He might be able to arrange an interview with the athletes.


We don't think Galvan knows Villanueva and we don't know how far back our archives go. You may not be able to access Villanueva this way. Nevertheless, he may have his own Web page so try again.

Villanueva, who grew up in Calexico and later played pro football, also was a KNBC sportscaster. We believe he has family in Calexico or he may have boyhood friends who would be willing to share memories with your son (and us).

If so they can reach you at

QUESTION: Are there any gasoline service stations in El Centro that will still pump gasoline for a customer? My elderly mother needs to find one. She doesn't mind paying for the service. — Searcher, Holtville

D.J.'s Chevron at 1850 S. Imperial Ave. (across from the Ramada Inn) is one full-service station.

QUESTION: On Aug. 17, 1977, at the age of 16, I was molested by a priest who picked me up as I hitchhiked through Holtville. I made a police report, 77-2402, and was polygraphed by the state.

According to Holtville police, his name was ——————. I can't be sure because Holtville police won't give me a police report. I am seeking any material you can provide me. Was there a story related to this matter in the paper? — Abused, e-mail

There was no story but we remember when a priest was arrested for molestation.

At that time we were covering Holtville police and had just started writing PROBE. We remember getting part of the story from the police chief but no charges were filed because the priest immediately was transferred to another parish.

As you might imagine, it was a sensitive matter. No doubt Holtville police were glad to drop such a hot potato. With no complaint filed, we also let it drop.

It's possible there was more than one incident.

According to the account we got, there were two boys picked up on the highway by the priest. He took them back to church and stowed them in a room decorated with pornography and sex toys.

The boys told police they awoke with the priest fondling them. They said they fled. After their complaint police went to the priest's residence, found the room described by the youths and arrested the priest.

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