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Imperial County 4-H Presentation Day results

April 30, 2002|By ASHLEY MENVIELL, Special to this newspaper

Imperial County 4-H members participated in the annual 4-H Presentation Day on April 20 at McCabe School in El Centro.

This event offers 4-H members the opportunity to give demonstrations, illustrated talks, public speaking presentations and impromptu speeches. 4-H members also can participate in share-the-fun skits, cultural arts programs and song leading.

4-H members interested in earning their star ranks are required to give presentations. For a bronze star, four presentations are required; for a silver star, seven are required; and for a gold star, 10 are required.

Presentation participants and their awards in the junior individual division were Julia Danesi, McCabe 4-H (gold); Matt Harmon, McCabe 4-H (gold); Naomi Klockman, M&M 4-H (blue); Brian Wray, Verde 4-H (blue) and William Young, M&M 4-H (gold).


The intermediate individual division presentation participants and their awards were Christina Bronk , Mount Signal 4-H (blue); C.J. Danesi, McCabe 4-H (gold); Emily Elmore, Magnolia 4-H (gold); Hillary Hodgkin, Magnolia 4-H (blue); Russell Khan-Davis, Mount Signal 4-H (gold) and Amanda Leckband, Star Route 4-H (blue). The intermediate team demonstration division participants were Jeanine and Matthew Smith, Star Route 4-H (gold) and the intermediate public speaking participant was Clarissa Acuña, Saint Mary's 4-H (gold).

The senior individual division presentation participants were Serena Danesi, McCabe 4-H, (gold) and Eric Elmore, M&M 4-H (gold). All of the gold award presenters are eligible to participate in the southern regional 4-H field day May 18 at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut.

The impromptu speaking participants were Clarissa Acuña, Christine Bronk, C.J. Danesi, Julia Danesi, Serena Danesi, Jon Harmon, Matthew Harmon, Russell Khan-Davis, Amanda Leckband, Allison Wray and Brian Wray.

The cultural arts participants and their awards were Jon Harmon, McCabe 4-H (gold); Matthew Harmon, McCabe 4-H (gold); Johnathan Pendley, El Centro 4-H (gold) and Elainea Spivey, Family 4-H (gold). The song leading team participants were Jeanine and Matthew Smith, Star Route 4-H (gold). Johnathan Pendley and the team of Jeanine and Matthew Smith will represent Imperial County at the southern regional 4-H field day.

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