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E.C. sampling reaction to variety of issues

May 01, 2002|By RUDY YNIGUEZ

Staff Writer

El Centro city officials want to know what you think of the city services you are receiving.

The city sent out 1,300 surveys randomly to residents last month with questions covering a variety of local issues.

Mayor Larry Grogan said the purpose of the survey is to "tell us how to do better."

The survey asks residents to opine on street maintenance/repair, street cleaning, street lighting, ease of travel by car, ease of travel by bicycle, police traffic enforcement, city parks, cable television, fire protection, police protection, the city library, city recreation, trash collection, the taste of tap water, cultural opportunities, the educational system, the building and planning departments and the El Centro Regional Medical Center.

"The survey is a way to reach people," Grogan said, adding that the forms will touch more people than the small number of residents who attend community meetings. "It's a way to find out what people think the city should offer."


The survey is in Spanish on one side, and English on the other.

Residents are asked to rate the quality of life in El Centro, to rate the visual appearance of the entire city, and the visual appearance of their neighborhoods.

Residents are asked if they have participated in a city-run recreational program, if they have shopped downtown, used a local taxi, ridden a bus to Brawley or Calexico, visited the city's Web site, have access to the Internet, and recycled materials, among others.

The survey also asks people to list what three things people like and dislike the most about the city, how long they have lived here, which newspapers they have read in the last seven days, their family income and the type of dwelling in which they live.

Grogan said the survey's results will be analyzed, made public and discussed at workshops.

He said the cost did not exceed about $2,000, mainly for postage.

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