Voice: Local Green Party chapter once again filled with half truths and lies

May 02, 2002

With all due respect, Mr. Holtzman, you made some unsubstantiated claims and downright lies regarding the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area in your April 23 letter to the editor.

Your statement regarding the settlement with the off-road community wasn't a settlement in any sense of the word. The off-road leaders were faced with total closure of the Imperial San Dunes Recreation Area or accept the temporary partial closure until studies could be done to justify the closures. They had no choice. They were blackmailed.

The studies have been completed and submitted. They have proven the Peirson's milk vetch is not endangered nor in anyway threatened by off-highway vehicle use. You failed to mention It is also abundant in Mexico.

Sir, you stated "being on the endangered species list, in the case of the PMV, is justifiably related to where the plant grows rather than the number of plants that may be present in that relatively small area." Here in itself is one reason the Endangered Species Act must be changed to allow for sound, peer-reviewed science before any such false claims can be made against the taxpayers of this great country.


You also stated the PMV MAY not grow in other areas. The fact is it does and even if it didn't you failed to mention to the public that 32,000 acres of the ISDRA is already closed to motorized use for the protection of the PMV and other animal life. Before 1987, 148,000 acres were open to OHV use. After you got 32,000 acres closed we were promised the rest of the dunes would NEVER be subject to closures again. As usual you went back on that promise. We will never trust you, or the BLM, again in regard to this issue.

I took offense to you saying off-roaders carelessly harm plants and animals. This not only isn't true but a defamation of character. The American Sand Association along with many other off-road groups and users are continuously educating each other. We have spent many thousands of dollars and many hours of time promoting safe, environmentally conscience attitudes among the off-roader community. When has any environmentalist group done that?

I have asked your groups on many occasions to assist us in this education process and you have flatly refused. I'm starting to wonder what your real agenda is.

You also mentioned there are over 800,000 acres of OHV land for OHV use. But you failed to mention the dunes are a unique one-of-a-kind experience for the families of off roaders. You're comparing apples to oranges.

The economy of the Imperial Valley will suffer tremendously with the closing of more recreational use of the ISDRA. The citizens of the Imperial Valley are very smart and have figured that out already.

While I have deepest respect for the Native Americans of this country, I have to disagree with you on the medicinal purpose of the PMV. No medical journals have ever listed the PMV having any medicinal value.

Sir, please try your best not to insult the citizens of Imperial and Yuma counties. They have frankly had enough of your lies and deceit. While I respect your views, I do not respect that you tell half-truths and lies. I challenge the community at large to get informed about the issues. A lot of misinformation is being generated by the environmental "special interest groups."



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