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Voice: Some good ideas not pursued

May 03, 2002

Whatever happened to …

New railroad crossings at Dogwood Road close to Commercial, Third Street (El Centro) and Cole Road (Calexico) by Union Pacific Railroad? The first and last of these crossings experience more traffic during the day than a major interstate interchange.

The new streets, sidewalks, lights for the El Dorado Colonia? Seems they repave the other side of Highway 86, i.e. areas of Posada del Sol, Gio's, Wal-Mart, Costco, before attacking the areas in much greater need.

Better enforcement of the speed limits around Kennedy and McKinley schools during morning and afternoon hours, especially after the stop at Pico heading north. Do not walk your dogs or yourself during these times!


Drivers of the Valley not understanding that turn signals are used for turning, not as an expression of amusement for their own eyes or as an excuse to say that the other vehicle did not have theies on?

The drivers of SUVs and pickups, for them to realize they are not driving a small vehicle … especially at the Motor Vu Twin Drive-In when it is posted for them to park in the back?

Parents who are only two or three blocks from a school to realize walking with their child is better than driving and fighting with the other 200 parent vehicles who live in the same area, all wanting to deliver their child in front of the school? (Hint: If they want to do something, they'll do it even if you pick up or let them off. Nothing against being cautious, but come on, Valley middle and high school parents, give us a break!)

The average motorist who goes through a residential neighborhood abiding by the legal written law of 25 mph even if not posted? (Of course they abide if it is their street!)

Parents teaching and setting an example for their children to follow in respecting other persons, places and things, even in their own "cribs"?


El Centro

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