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Voice: Brawley can work out rough spots on beef plant

May 06, 2002

So much crying about the smell from the Brawley Beef plant.

This is nothing to what we had in Kansas City. Now that was a smell.

Back in the ‘40s we didn't whine about the smell because the jobs were needed right off of Depression time and our country was at war, our boys overseas in need of the beef.

We went through this once before, also in the ‘40s. Remember Holly Sugar?

Holly Sugar worked out the rough spots. So can the Brawley Beef plant. Let's give them a break.

Our friends and families need these jobs. Our town needs this plant for its economy.

How can we whine when there is so much need and it is being taken care of by the Brawley Beef plant.

If Kansas City did it (no smell) so can Brawley.

I'm from Missouri, the Show Me State.

The Brawley Plant will come out smelling like a rose.


With the Lord's will it will be done.

How about prayer and faith?



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