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Thank You: It was Diana's who supplied the tortillas to Witter

May 07, 2002

During open house at Myron D. Witter, parents had a burrito sale to raise money to buy reading trophies for my class.

It was their way of acknowledging their children's accomplishments in accelerated reading. At that time the students had passed 2,000 AR comprehension tests. Today they are approaching 3,000 AR comprehension tests passed.

There were many people involved and there was a miscommunication in who supplied the tortillas.

In my first thank you, I thanked Fiesta Tortillas. Fiesta did not supply the tortillas.

Carlos Benavides of Diana's Tortillas most generously supplied all of the tortillas for our burritos.

It's great when a new business takes an interest in the reading accomplishments of 7-year-old.

Together we made a difference in a child's life.



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