Voice: Stick to the chips, pass on the salsa

May 07, 2002

Mr. Fullerton: You lack the ability to understand the changes that are occurring around you. Open your door. The majority of people walking outside are Hispanic.

You state 15 years ago we didn't have the racial political conflict we now have. That's because people of your skin color had full control of the Valley politics. Hispanics weren't running for office.

Times have changed. The status quo may not like it, but Hispanics are attempting to have a greater say in the politics of this valley.

I have the impression you are a very white Anglo whose claim to fame is the color of his skin. In this world that isn't enough. This world is becoming very international. We buy cars from Japan, clothing from Indonesia, toys from China, vegetables, fruits and meat from South America, and Mexico is assembling our products. To be critical of others because they have contrasting views shows ignorance and racism.


I admire the girl who addressed your class. We need more Hispanics like her. If she spoke some Spanish, that's fine because we do live next to Mexico. You are mistaken if you believe the term "raza" means hatred toward the white man. It doesn't. It's a term used to describe our struggle to gain political influence.

You may view us as racist because we don't fawn over white candidates. But why should we when they don't do enough for us? Even when married to a Hispanic, they do not help us.

An examples is Joe Maruca. He was upset at the voting fraud that was directed against him. But in this last election with all the voting irregularities, Maruca is silent.

You have Lloyd Allen and his partner Andy Horne taking $50,000 jobs away from the Hispanics and giving them to the white people from Mississippi. They prefer to keep Hispanics poor because it's easier to control poor Hispanics than to control Hispanics who earn the same amount as white people. Irby and Asplundh are benefiting from the racism against Hispanics.

We have a sheriff who shows favoritism toward those who are white and refers to Hispanics as minorities.

From Holtville we have a supervisor who ignores the east side of El Centro and Brawley.

Once local Hispanics gain greater political influence, this valley will explode into unimaginable prosperity.

Fullerton, stick to the chips because you can't handle the salsa.



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