Probe: May 9, 2002

May 09, 2002

QUESTION: When Brawley High juniors and seniors arrived for the prom at the Casa de Cultura at the fairgrounds, everything looked beautiful.

The juniors, who had worked so hard to put on the prom, learned the dance band had canceled the week before. Luckily the disc jockey they had lined up to play part of the evening agreed to play all night, so it was not a complete disaster.

Here's the thing. The class adviser and other administrators had known for a week the band had canceled but said nothing to the kids in charge of the events. — Disgusted Onlooker, Brawley

Student adviser Phil Villamor said he knew there was a problem with the band booking but he had no idea the problem would not be resolved.


There's no reason to feel sorry for the "kids." Faced with disaster, they worked out a deal with the DJ and the show went on. It was a valuable learning opportunity in problem solving.

QUESTION: I have a pet pot-bellied pig that needs to have its nails trimmed. At the livestock store they said I could do it myself if I had the tools. I bought the tools but I can't.

I have to chase her all over the yard to catch her and when I do I can't hold her. She weighs 200 pounds. If I get a good grip on her and she can't get away, she squeals loud enough to hear a block away.

After this hassle I may get one little snip off a toenail. Do you know anybody who might trim the toenails of my pig Sugar Bear? — Pet Owner, Imperial

What you need is a cowboy who trims horse hooves. We thought immediately of Clois Earls but realized he might be a little long in the tooth for the job.

In any case, we couldn't reach the 73-year-old Earls. He's in Mexico and won't be back for a month, said his son, Wes, who also trims hooves and shoes horses.

Wes said he can't do it now but he advised us to call his friend Olin Owers at B&O Shoeing. The phone number is 351-3424.

AND THE LYRICS ARE — I have some of the words to the Guy Lombardo song "Enjoy Yourself."

The lyrics are:

"Enjoy yourself it's later than you think.

"Enjoy yourself while you're still in the pink.

"The years go by as quickly as a wink.

"Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think."

I don't remember the rest of the song. It's something about making dough. Maybe somebody else will remember. — Enjoy, El Centro

You are not alone. We got seven responses Wednesday but everybody remembered the lines you sent. One nice couple called us and played us the record twice so we could write down the words. We did but we can't read our writing.

Another reader promised to bring us a "copy." We hope it's sheet music. That would be easier to copy into the computer. Nevertheless, another afternoon of listening to the Lombardo ditty would be nice.

QUESTION: I need help from your readers. I am putting together an album of my son's school pictures. He was Allen Jones and he died two years ago when his vehicle went into a canal. He was 41.

I am looking for his kindergarten class picture. Half of the one I have is missing. He was in the afternoon class at McKinley School in the 1964-1965 school year. His teacher was Mrs. Vaughn. — Grieving Mom, El Centro

If you have a copy of the above class photo, call Mrs. Pauline Jones at 352-6913 or us at 337-3439.

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