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Voice: A mother reflects on Mother's Day

May 09, 2002

Mother's Day's just around the corner, I would like to look at this special day from a different perspective. As a mother of an active 9-year-old little girl who wants to try every activity at least once, I would like to share with you my personal feelings on Mother's Day.

I look at my daughter every day and thank God for such a precious gift. Each year she seems to grow just a little more and some years she seems to grow a lot more. I used to wonder if my daughter would some day be active in our community and be able to appreciate life as much as I have. Well, I didn't have to wait long. To date she has participated in a wide variety of activities within the community and is quite active.

It is truly a blessing to have so many talented and caring individuals that are willing to give of their time to teach her skills and care for her. She has been very blessed to have wonderful family members, friends, teachers, coaches, assistants and volunteers. What a blessing to have so many opportunities and caring people in this place we call home.


My mother often uses the old African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child," but until my daughter was born, and she became that child, I never appreciated the phrase. As a mother, I would like to thank all of my fellow villagers who have made my daughter's life just a little easier.

Because of this village, I can appreciate being a mother. You can't imagine how wonderful it feels to have individuals ask about her and how she's doing or express their surprise when they see how much she's grown.

For all of those individuals who have taught her, coached her, explained to her, diagnosed her, clapped for her and been there when I wasn't, "Thank you!"

As a single mother for six years I learned how important it is to appreciate every person who gives of their time for the benefit our children and our community. "Thanks" to all of the volunteers on the softball field, at baton, at dance, at the youth center, at school, at church, at my office and everywhere else. Thank you for encouraging her in whatever it is she decides to get involved in and in helping me care for her.

Iza may only have a couple of "ninas" but she has many people that she considers her "godmother." To everyone who has been there with me, especially her grandmothers, our family members, friends, my boss, co-workers and our village, "Thank you for encouraging me as a mother."


(Iza's mom)

El Centro

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