Volunteers needed for salt cedar cleanup

May 10, 2002|By AL KALIN

Special to this newspaper

Volunteers are needed for a salt cedar cleanup day at the Imperial wetlands from 7 to 9 a.m. Saturday, according to project manager Marie Barrett. Prizes will be awarded to the person who pulls the most pounds of salt cedars and the one who has the most original salt cedar bouquet.

"Salt cedars consume tremendous amounts of water," stated Barrett, "and we need volunteers to help eradicate the pesky weed from the banks of our Imperial site, which gets its water from the Rose Drain."

According to Barrett the young salt cedars are easy to pull from the wet soil surrounding the wetlands but there are thousands of them and we need all the volunteers we can get to eradicate the noxious weed.


The Imperial wetlands, northwest of Imperial, can be reached by taking Forrester Road to Weinert Road just south of where Forrester Road crosses the New River. Turn west on Weinert and go 1.7 miles. There's a sign on the north side of a gravel road at the entrance leading to the wetlands, a quarter mile away. A map is available on the wetlands Web site:

This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and see all the different species of birds, butterflies, dragons and animals that have made the wetlands their new home. Hundreds of yellow-headed blackbirds, warblers of every description, least bitterns, Virginia rails, Sora rails and baby coots are visible in every portion of the wetland.

Bring gloves, dress comfortably and come for a delightful morning of exercise and fun. For more information call 353-0465.

On the fishing scene corvina continue to hit offerings of live bait and lures from one end of the Salton Sea to the other when the winds die down for a few days and the water clears up.

The team of Terry Barrett, Greg Thornburg and Herman Meister finished first in last week's corvina tournament with an average weight of 8.71 pounds and won $250. The team not only had the largest average weight, team member Terry Barrett caught the largest corvina of the tournament on a live mudsucker. The fish weighed 14.97 pounds and earned Barrett $500 for his effort. Eighty-seven contestants competed for first place.

The Holtville Athletic Club will have its second annual Take a Kid Fishing Contest at Red Hill Marina tomorrow. Sign-ups start at 5:30 a.m. at Red Hill Marina and fisherman can fish from a boat or from shore. The most important rule of the tournament is that each adult must be accompanied by at least one child less than 18 years old, who will fish in the tournament. The heaviest fish wins $500 with cash prizes of $250 for second and $125 for third place.

The first hunter safety class of the year is slated for Monday at the El Centro BLM headquarters. The multi-day class will culminate with a hands-on shooting exercise. Those wishing to attend must first call the Sheriff's Office at 339-6302 and register for the class. The cost is only $3 per student.

A certificate of completion is required for all first-time hunters who wish to purchase a hunting license in California. More information will be available in the coming weeks for the other classes that will be offered in the Valley this year.

If you would like to report your hunting or fishing success, Al Kalin can be reached on the Internet at

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