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May 12, 2002




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CALEXICO — They endured temper tantrums with patience matched only by their beauty.

They smiled broadly when presented with macaroni artwork as if their child had just brought home a Nobel Prize.

They carried around 9-pound babies who kicked like little mules. (Sorry about that.)

For all that moms have done, the Calexico Parks and Recreation Department hosted the annual Mother's Day party at the Community Center on Friday — Mother's Day in Mexico.


For most of the moms, Friday's party was the start of a weekend of activities culminating today.

Calexico's moms kicked off their weekend in style. They danced, won prizes in raffles and talked with their friends over pitchers of cerveza and plates of machaca. AmeriCorps volunteers helped serve the food and the beverages.

For Maria Moreno Chalcon, a 67-year-old mother of seven, the opportunity to gather with her amigas was the best part of the night. Her friends, Consuelo Muñoz, 67, and Esther Garcia, 59, agreed.

Asked to talk a little bit about her experiences as a mom, Moreno told a story about her time baby-sitting here for a Mexicali couple working to get immigration papers. She said the three kids she baby-sat became like her own children.

Asked if that made her a mom of 10 then unofficially, she smiled and said "Yes."

Muñoz, meanwhile, was proud to be a mom of one.

"That's enough!" she said.

Her friend Garcia didn't stop until she had seven kids. Asked about the toughest part of raising so many children, she smiled and said there was no hard part.

(The sound you hear is mother's across the Imperial Valley laughing.)

As Garcia continued talking about her brood, the DJ started up the music. It was time to dance!

Muñoz was having none of it.

Asked if she is shy, she said, "Nope. I just don't want to make everyone jealous."

Her amigas laughed.

At a nearby table, a mother of three, Soledad Salazar, said she is amazed at how the ladies dance at each of these parties.

"You should see them dance. They dance all night," she said.

Some moms even get on the dance floor with their walkers.

"Last time someone was out there in a wheelchair," she said.

Before the dancing started in earnest this year, Salazar talked about her mom, 79-year-old mom Vicenta Garcia.

Asked to describe the most special moment she's had with her mother, Salazar said, "She's always been there for me and my son."

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