Voice: Many nationalities contributed to make Imperial Valley great

May 12, 2002

I have for some time intended to comment on a couple stories, but just did not get around to it

First I would like to say Bret Kofford's column on our governor the weasel was great and priceless. When I read the story of the governor ordering us here in the Imperial Valley to fallow land I said to myself — well, there go his votes from the people here. It will surprise me if he gets any from the I.V.

I would like to see more of our pioneer people write to the paper telling about life here in our great Imperial Valley.

Good for Rick Mealey for his column for answering Mr. Ricker back, giving his side — and also the lady from Brawley!


I too am a pioneer of the Imperial Valley, born here in 1927 and all my children were born here too — also so was my husband! He was raised on a dairy farm west of El Centro and he worked their fields and milked the cows morning and night. There were many dairies here at that time. My father picked up the milk from the dairies and delivered the milk to the Golden State Creamery!

Our Imperial Valley has always been made up of many different nationalities and all contributed in some way. Not only Mexicans worked the fields either. My son when he was in his teens went out one year in the fields. I have forgotten just what it was at the time, but it was when he was out of school for the summer. He even went out of town with them, but got home sick and returned home.

I am happy to see that Lydia's family came here the legal way.


El Centro

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