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Voice: Time to exit the Paul Rodriguez Boulevard idea

May 12, 2002

Let me see, how do I want to address this (matter) letter? Should I put the pedal to the metal and see how fast I can get on that boulevard?

Or should I yield to all the signs and arrows? Decisions, decisions and more decisions. Either way, once I get on that byway you are bound to see all the burned gas from my '52 Chevy "tail pipe."

There is, however, another approach to my driving dilemma, and that is to use some diplomacy in driving my point across.

Nay. That's not like me. It would make me feel as if someone else was doing the driving.

It is best I leave this topic to my own discretion, be the captain of my vessel and not have to listen to a bunch of back-seat drivers. "Turn here! Go faster! Slow down!"


Bunch of exclamitors. Don't know where they are going, much less where they came from.

You know the ones I mean. You see them on the interstates driving with one eye on the road and the other eye on the little lady reading the road map.

Enough said about that topic before I drive everybody nuts. Let me change gears here.

Calm down, we aren't there yet. I'll let you know when we cross that street. Make a left on Hamilton. Turn right on Holt. Go as far as Evan Hewes Highway. Make a U-turn on Wake Street. Are we there yet?

We are getting there. ONE WAY (way, Spanish for mule), WRONG WAY. Have I blown a gasket? Yes, two or three here and there. It popped over all those so called drivers (editors as well) who have added more "fuel" in those jalopies in regard to naming a street after Paul Rodriguez.

The streets mentioned above were named after some home-boys who lived and made their livelihood from this hot and thirsty land.

Pull me over if I am wrong. Didn't this same Pablito get his fame and fortune by dumping and trashing jokes on his heritage?

Brown power, I hear from these drivers who are cutting in on the flow of traffic. More like brown-noses, self-promoters. Shame, shame and a double whammy shame to all you who are speeding down on that boulevard.

NEXT EXIT 19 words ahead: for those who feel groggy. All others drive at your own risk. And not at the risk of others.


El Centro

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