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Voice: Brawley Beef has been pro-active in dealing with smell

May 13, 2002

Regarding "Our Opinion" of May 5

I take exception to the erroneous statement you published and contribute to me in the "Tackle the stink" opinion.

The following are the corrections:

My correct statements are first, "Brawley Beef LLC was taken by surprise by the level of the malodorous condition of the ponds and they have been ‘pro-active' in their efforts to cure the odor."

Second, "Brawley Beef LLC could have saved time, money and startup headaches had they hire ‘pro-active' construction managers at the start of the project to build the total plant." These were my only comments that contained the phrase "Pro-active."

It would be farcical for anyone, including the Imperial Valley Press, to suggest that Brawley Beef LLC had not taken a "pro-active" approach in its efforts to cure the malodorous condition of the ponds. Just in the period I assisted, I witnessed Brawley Beef LLC spending tens of thousand of dollars in chemicals to treat the odors while a permanent solution could be put in place.


Under my watch, Brawley Beef LLC completed in excess of $500,000 in work just in April. This effort placed into service the pond cover, the biogas recovery system, the six 40-horsepower aerators within the second pond and the Solarbees in pond three. The total cost for the pre-treatment system to treat both the discharge water and odors is in excess of $1 million.

This effort has not just been in dollars spent. Brawley Beef LLC's personnel have been working seven days a week in an effort to cure start-up problems and bring all of the systems on-line. This includes curing the odor problems. The contractors I supervised gave up their Saturdays and Sundays with their families in an effort to bring the pre-treatment systems on-line as soon as possible to cure the odor problems.

Let me reiterate for anyone to suggest that Brawley Beef LLC has not been pro-active in curing the odor problem is absurd.



Quépard Energy, Inc.


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