Probe: May 13, 2002

May 13, 2002

THANKS FOR REFUND —Thanks for your help in getting a refund of money I put in escrow to buy a house. When I lost my job, I couldn't finance the house so I couldn't buy it.

The seller, a local minister, would not sign the papers to release my money. He said he could have sold the house sooner, so he was going to keep $1,000 of the $2,500 I put down as a deposit. I don't know what you did but he signed the papers and I got all my money back. — Thanks Again, El Centro

We're glad you got your money back. A single unemployed mother of three kids can't afford to lose $1,000.


"Your heart of hearts, your dream of dreams

Your ravishing brunette

She's left you and she's become

Somebody else's pet

Lay down that gun, don't try my friend


To reach the great beyond

You'll have more fun by reaching for

A redhead or a blond

(Chorus) Enjoy yourself!

It's later than you think

Enjoy yourself

It's later than you think

You never go to nightclubs and

You just don't care to dance

You don't have time for silly things

Like moonlight and romance

You only think of dollar bills

Tied neatly in a stack

But when you kiss a dollar bill

It doesn't kiss you back

(Chorus) Enjoy yourself

It's later than you think …" Old Blade, San Diego

Thank you, although we wonder about a brother eager to warn his sister, "It's later than you think" as she celebrates her golden wedding anniversary in Des Moines, Iowa.

As usual we were touched by the number of PROBE readers anxious to dig up the lyrics to share with the anniversary couple.

Maybe they just wanted to savor again their own memories roused by a lively Guy Lombardo tune.

HIS OWN GRANDPA — Did you find the tape of "Enjoy Yourself" I left for the man to take to his sister's 50th wedding anniversary? I have a tape with 10 Lombardo recordings, including "I'm My Own Grandpa." If he wants it I will copy the tape for him. Tell him to call me. — Tapping, El Centro

Oh yeah. That was the song that pondered what could happen if romance blossomed among members of blended families. That was all new to us in the 1950s, part of the scary "brave new world."

But OK, if that man will call us and leave us his phone number, we'll pass his number on to you — or yours to him. Whatever.

DON'T FORGET ABBIE SOLAREZ — When you mention famous people from the Valley, don't forget Abbie Solarez, who grew up in Brawley. He made 22 movies, 11 television shows and has worked behind the scenes with Arnold Swarzenneger, Steven Spielberg and J. Michael Fox and George Clooney. Now he's back in Brawley. — Abbie's Pal, Brawley

Abbie is not famous. We had never heard of him until you told us about him. But after you called us we called him. We still don't think he's famous but he is well-known in the industry.

And successful. He makes a good living working on both sides of the camera and lives the life some folks only dream of.

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