Voice: Much more bad will occur if farmers fallow

May 14, 2002

Oh my God, the pipeline is being built and the power plants are being completed. Our pollution is going to go up and no one will be able to live in the Valley except the few farmers left. And the Salton Sea will dry up and millions of dollars that is brought in by the sea will be lost.

Now the farmers are getting subsidized for growing asparagus. It is one of the worst field-burning crops there is, next to wheat. That will cause more pollution. Another thing: if the farmers fallow their land, there won't be enough food for the country.

And now the major one. The Imperial Irrigation District will go broke because these water-wasting, field-burning farmers are going to have to fallow. We won't have any power. Do you really believe this crap that these farmers are putting out?

The farmers should do something about the pollution they cause in the Valley and the PM10 levels that have caused the county to not meet the requirements for clean air.


The last time I drove by the Salton Sea I couldn't see where anyone has spent millions of dollars there. The only thing I saw was old shacks and junks trailers, nothing to get excited about.

If the taxpayers would not subsidize these farmers for growing too much produce it would cut down on these field-burners.

Don't people realize the IID is owned by the people No. 1, not these farmers? There are a heck of a lot more power consumers than farmers in the Valley. And No. 2, the power department has subsidized the water department for years to provide cheap water for these farmers to waste.

The water department is costing us power users a lot of money. The water department should become a separate, stand-alone corporation with no connection with the power division. But this won't happen because these farmers know the water department can't exist on what they pay for the services.

There seems to be one fellow up in Brawley by the name of Veysey who seems to know what is going on in farming. He must have farmed in Oklahoma at one time. Maybe some of you doomsday farmers should talk to him. Thank God there is someone in the farming community who has common sense and the right stuff together.

Also it is nice to see Juan from Imperial is keeping Wally on the straight line. Viva la Gray Davis, the non-farmers' friend.



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