Probe: May 14, 2002

May 14, 2002

QUESTION: A man I dated off and on for over a year is HIV-positive and now I am, too. He never said a word about having HIV. I heard it from another person.

Last July I didn't have it. I went in for a physical examination this spring. The only test that came back positive was the HIV test.

I want this man taken off the streets. I don't want him doing to other people what he did to me.

El Centro police said they couldn't do anything unless I could prove he "intentionally" infected me. — HIV Positive, El Centro


El Centro Police Chief Ray Loera promised to research the law and let us know what can be done if an HIV-positive individual knowingly has sex with a non-positive person.

We think it's against the law. If it isn't, it should be.

For now all we can do is warn sexually active women to be careful — and always practice safe sex because there's at least one HIV-positive male running around out there.

QUESTION: Two weeks after I took my 1989 Dodge Van (48,000 original miles) to the Texaco Xpress Lube in Calexico to have the transmission serviced, the fluid line came loose and dumped the fluid. I had the car towed to the Texaco Xpress Lube in Calexico. The manager replaced the line and the fluid.

Losing the fluid did something to my transmission. Sometimes it takes a half mile to reluctantly shift from first to second gear. It doesn't shift down properly as I come up to signals.

I took the van to the Xpress Lube's main store in El Centro. The manager drove the vehicle, checked the fluid, said it was overfull and sucked some of the fluid out. He said that should solve the problem. It didn't.

After repeated failures to speak to the owner, Mike Slifca, I talked by phone to "Oscar," the manager's boss, and left a message.

Two days later I told Oscar I would stand in front of the store and tell his customers about my problem. The manager called the police.

That afternoon I returned with a sign warning potential customers that the store was unsatisfactory. The manager said I was breaking the law. This time I called the police. — Unhappy, El Centro

Slifca insists there's no pleasing his unhappy customer without writing a check for $4,500 for a new transmission and he vowed he wouldn't do it.

The unhappy customer said he would be happy if Slifca would pay to have his transmission overhauled by a certified transmission mechanic. He estimated that would cost about $1,200.

We don't know who is right and who is wrong. However, it occurs to us that the customer's van may have been shifting reluctantly when he decided to have the transmission "serviced."

WAITING FOR DEPORTATION — I am a former Valleyite living in Sacramento while finishing my education at the University of California, Davis.

I might be able to put the U.S. citizen facing deportation to Iran in touch with some immigration attorneys and paralegals.

I am not sure you can put me in touch with him or if he wants help. My offer is out there. — Oscar, Sacramento

First, we're going to give him your e-mail address ( Now we're going to give you his name and address, Saeed Kangarlou, A 14 606 857, 115 N. Imperial Ave., El Centro, Ca. 92243.

By the way, the number following his name is his A-number.

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