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Voice: Rest stop near Yuma does not show state as gracious host

May 14, 2002

During my last visit to Yuma, I was dismayed by the conditions of the "rest stop" off Interstate 8 in the Sand Hills area.

Four porta-potties in full sunlight does not fulfill California's role as a gracious host to its travelers. The temperature inside the plastic cubicles can easily exceed 120 degrees during the summer months.

I thought I would see what Caltrans had to say. The local office referred me to Tom Hamm in San Diego, the district rep.

He assured me that the administration finally admitted that something needed to be done and it's "on the books" for a new rest stop in that area in 2004.


Mr. Hamm also informed me that perhaps the BLM's rest stop near Gray's Wells off-ramp is available. It consists of a room at least.

We both agreed that this project should have been completed by a previous administration 15 years ago but a jet trip over the sand hills doesn't quite afford the same "down to earth" experience.


El Centro

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