Our Opinion: Scholarships make dreams real

May 15, 2002

At a time when there is a push to get people from the Imperial Valley to pursue higher education, we are pleased to see there are a number of scholarships offered by local service clubs and nonprofits to help those who are college-bound.

We hope those groups know what a critical role they are playing in the community by offering scholarships to people, some of whom might not be able to attend a California Sate University, a University of California campus or any other university. Such groups are showing they are community-minded and focused on meeting a real need.

Attending college is an expensive, albeit a key, step for one to take in life. When one thinks about the dollars involved in getting higher education, it can be daunting. For those who do not come from wealthy families the costs of attending a university may become too high to realistically consider — at least that is what they may think.


That is where service organizations, nonprofits and other agencies in the Imperial Valley that provide scholarships make a difference in some lives. Even a small scholarship can give a person hope that a higher education is possible.

The scholarships serve another role. They let the recipients of such financial aid know they are not alone in their endeavors and there are those in the area who care about them and their potential to succeed.

Maybe those who receive the scholarships will keep that in mind and when they do reach their educational goals, they will return to the Valley. We need their talents and expertise. That is how life in the Imperial Valley starts to improve — the more skilled workers there are, the higher the local income will be. That can lead to more money moving through the Valley, which boosts our economy.

We are hopeful that those who receive scholarships will return to the Valley also to take part in such service clubs and help others get such scholarships. In that way there is a cycle geared toward education and making dreams become reality.

Such scholarships are money well spent. It is funding the future of the Valley.

In this area where we are separated from the rest of the state, we have to help ourselves, and providing scholarships is an important step toward that end.

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