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Voice: Rep. Hunter's words were the truth

May 16, 2002

Here we go again, folks, more half-truths and lies. The fleecing of America in the guise of environmental preservation.

Mr. Brewster, in an opinion piece recently you said that Rep. Hunter referred to environmentalists as environmental "extremists." Tell us why you didn't mention that he was directing his comments to the environmental extremist not the mainstream environmentalist.

And no he wasn't classifying extremists as anyone who supports open space and environmental protection. The off-road community advocates and embraces both of those. Very few Americans will argue that conserving and protecting our environment is the wrong thing to do. But more and more agree that extremist environmental organizations not only rape Americans of their tax dollars but use extreme, unethical and illusionist tactics to land grab.

Listen carefully, Mr. Brewster. Americans DO have every right to use public lands designated for off-road use. Thank God and our fighting soldiers for that right.


However, no one has the right to lie and deceive the general public to gain support to acquire funds from the taxpayers or to close public lands. That, sir, is fraud. And that is what the environmental extremist is doing.

The REAL reality is the off-road community does not pervert the environmental protections of public land, as you would like to deceive the public into thinking. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. What we do support is the rights of all Americans to access public lands, and that such land is well managed for all to use. In other words, conservation not preservation of that land.

Duncan Hunter's words were a declaration of war against land grabs, environmental extremism, socialism and elitism. And this is what the American people deserve and expect from their elected officials. The environmental ethic in all of us is not going to die. Neither is the true American spirit of freedom.

How ironic that you mention the equal sharing of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area for wilderness. Sir, that has already happened, with 32,000-plus acres of the ISDRA preserved for that purpose. Now you want to talk about the other public lands in Californian.

Here you go folks, the facts: State parks found that while off-highway vehicle use is growing in popularity, the amount of available acreage for the sport has been shrinking. Since 1980, for example, there has been a 48 percent decrease in acreage available for OHV recreation in the California deserts alone. Only 4 percent of land in California is open to motorized use. Right now over 50 percent of the ISDRA is closed to motorized use while, 90-plus percent of the visitors are OHV users. Tell us what is fair and what isn't.



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