Voice: There are reasons Hispanics not winning elections

May 18, 2002

The political assumptions were Hispanics find it difficult to be elected because not enough Hispanics vote, the majority of white people would never vote for a Hispanic and certain Hispanics prefer to be led by white people.

Some of this may be true, but when you have a large Hispanic population, one also has to consider that maybe the elections have been fixed and it explains why Hispanics are losing by less then 250 votes.

Not training the precinct workers and selecting them right before the election created confusion among Hispanics. Because of this along with other irregularities, over 3,500 potential votes weren't registered. Those who are winning should be losing, and those who are losing should be winning. Most of these votes would have gone to Hispanics.

It takes a lot of bravery for a Hispanic to run for election. Take the example of Ruben Garcia. Now that the election is over, the white county supervisors are starting to harass him. How is Carter treating Mendoza?


It's important that we insure the county recorder be professional in how the elections are being conducted. Dolores Provencio has damaged our elections to the extent she can no longer be trusted. She needs to be replaced.

Hispanics should consider a recall in 2003. We can't afford to allow her to mess up two more elections. We owe it to the Hispanics who run for office. They deserve to be treated fairly. It can be done. I am asking Daniel Santillan, Robert Rubio, MAPA, American Citizens Club and Hidalgo Society to consider a recall.

I can provide 3,000 signatures. I would ask these individuals and clubs to recruit a total of 100 individuals, each individual to gather 100 signatures in 2003, giving us 10,000 signatures.

An action such as this can awaken the sleeping giant. It would increase Hispanic voter registration, along with the awareness of the importance of one's vote. I can be contacted at



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