Face it Riverside, Imperial IS on your border

May 18, 2002|By LAURA MITCHELL

Staff Writer

Residents of Imperial County know it's a small county compared to neighboring Riverside and San Diego counties, but an omission on the Riverside County Web site makes Imperial look like the forgotten little sibling.

The first paragraph on the Web page titled "Riverside County History" states "Riverside County shares border with densely populated Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and San Bernardino counties … extending from within 14 miles of the Pacific Ocean to the Colorado River."

The page can be found at:

"That's on their Web site?" Imperial County Supervisor Hank Kuiper asked. "Hopefully that's just a staff error from someone who recently moved here from another part of the country."


Riverside County officials were surprised and a bit embarrassed by the error.

Riverside County Supervisor Jim Venable said he did not know about the omission but would take care of it right away.

Venable represents Riverside's District 3 and shares the southern border of Riverside County with District 1 Supervisor Bob Buster and District 4 Supervisor Roy Wilson.

Robert Caliva, Buster's legislative assistant, was surprised to hear Imperial County was not listed as a county bordering Riverside.

"I'm sure it's an oversight. We should definitely correct that," Caliva said.

Riverside County Public Information Officer Ray Smith said he thought the wording, "Riverside County shares border with densely populated…" might be part of the problem since Imperial County is not densely populated.

"We would certainly never want to leave out Imperial County," Smith said.

The error has been there for quite a long time, he said.

The county is always updating and making changes to its Web site and will make sure neighboring Imperial County is included in those changes, Smith said.

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