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Voice: Shooting the messenger

May 18, 2002

In a previous letter I wrote about writing to Voice of the People.

If you remember correctly I said some people wrote positive and negative letters, some wrote letters that would praise or knock others. I also mentioned the words "wrote with hate" and "fire and brimstone."

The following words and phrases were used in rebuttal to my letter about drug babies. … "shoot the messenger;" "false and untrue words to the parents;" "another Hitler;" "throw out the teacher;" "Superintendent shouldn't have a teacher like him in his district;" "ignorant teacher;" "dumb, stupid;" "How did he ever become a teacher?"

Yes, this type of terminology was used by normal people because a teacher told the truth about what he saw. I apologized to the people I did not mean to offend and I clarified my meaning in the same letter.


Most of the negative letters did not mention the problems of drugs. Drugs! The most lucrative business in the world. Why?

Imagine if this was during the days of witchcraft in Salem, Mass. I would have been put in the stocks, tarred and feathered, dipped underwater in a pond or had heavy stones piled on my chest in a shallow grave.

Thanks to the people who understood my letter and thanks to those who wrote and verbally consoled me.

Teacher: "I bet the parents were hurt and disappointed when their son was arrested selling drugs on campus."

Student: "They sure were. They told him not to sell the drugs on campus."

Need I say more?



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