Our Opinion: :Now let's see Mr. Davis

May 18, 2002

We were pleased to see Thursday and Friday that at least one Davis from Sacramento was willing to make a trip to the Imperial Valley.

Sharon Davis, wife of Gov. Gray Davis, took part in local events over the two-day period, including Calexico's 94th anniversary celebration and the San Diego State University-Imperial Valley campus commencement ceremony.

We credit Mrs. Davis for taking the time to visit the Imperial Valley, although we realize her visit had political motivations. Still, while she was here she seemed to take a genuine interest in the Imperial Valley and we appreciate that.

Now it is time for her husband to pay us a visit. Gray Davis has been on the minds of a lot of Imperial Valley residents as he seems poised to force us to fallow farmland to save water for a transfer to other water agencies. If Davis wants our water so much, he needs to come here and tell us specifically what plans he has for our water. Then he needs to tell us what he is willing to trade for our water.


While he is down here, Davis should to tell us why he is willing to allow more pollution into our already dirty airshed in order to provide power elsewhere. That essentially is what he is doing by supporting the establishment of a pipeline that will feed two new power plants in Mexicali.

We understand that Davis has his hands tired with a serious budget deficit, but water is every bit as critical an issue, as the future of development in the state depends heavily on the Colorado River. With that in mind, we urge Davis to visit the Valley and address our public agencies, namely the county Board of Supervisors and the Imperial Irrigation District.

We'd like Davis to tell us face to face he is not going to allow what happened in Owens Valley to happen here. We'd like him to tell us agriculture is critical to the state and that he is willing to protect the ag industry.

We do not think that is too much to ask. Davis is our governor as much as he is the governor of San Diego, Los Angeles and all other larger metropolitan areas in the state.

We are not saying Davis owes the Imperial Valley any more than any other county in the state, but he does owe us a visit, since little Imperial Valley has the potential to play such a critical role in the state.

Since that probably isn't going to happen because it hasn't in his three and a half years as governor, we hope Sharon Davis takes a message to her husband that the Valley has a lot of potential and he should consider that when he makes decisions that could affect our future.

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