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Probe: May 20, 2002

May 20, 2002

QUESTION: I would like to know when Kennedy Middle School will have a parents' board meeting. They didn't know at school. — Parent, El Centro

That's because the school personnel didn't know what you meant. The school no longer has a parent-teacher organization. It does have a "school site council" with an 18-member board. All parents are welcome to attend. A meeting of the site council is set for 4 p.m. Tuesday in the school library.

Parents of Kennedy's eighth-graders were to meet at 5:30 p.m. in the cafeteria to plan the graduation dance.

Since you don't have an eighth-grader, we don't think that's the meeting you're looking for. We have one more that may suit your needs.

It's the regular El Centro Elementary School District board meeting. It will be at 6:30 p.m. May 28 in the district office at 1256 Broadway.


QUESTION: We're from the Brawley Union High School of 1951. We're joining the class of 1952 for a reunion — and we need help getting the word out to some of our classmates.

We're looking for Meeman Faukner, Cecelia Castro, Virginia Jennings, Bonnie Taecker, Larry Causey, Amelia Murillo, Marguerite B. Rodriguez, Alice O. Sabin, Consuelo Mendoza Savela, Betty Masters, Virginia Howell and Wanda Sue Beavers.

We can't find Virginia Mae Thompson, Bernis Stephenson, Betty Louise Rooks, Cora Nicolara Peña, Carmen M. Martinez, Helen Lundagen, Lydia M. Granillo, Barbara Ann Frizell, Charlotte Mae Crum and Nelma Jewel Childers.

Also Frank Flores Villa, Roland Davis, William Vascom Alexander, Sam Aguaya, Richard Macias Aguirre, Frank Granillo, Victor Ramirez Gutierrez and Jay Byron Smith. — Old Grad, Brawley

Looks like you're running a little late observing your 50th class reunion. If you need them, we've still got copies of the lyrics to Guy Lombardo's "It's Later than You Think."

But, "Better late than never to enjoy yourself."

A LITTLE HELP — Maybe this (a catalogue of dog equipment) will help you to get your "gangsta" puppy under control. — Dog Owner, No Address

The high-tech training aids may be a little rough on Snoop Doggy's free spirit but someday he will thank you and us. We know the neighbors will thank us. We have to do something because Snoop is under house arrest.

The dog is out of control. His favorite recreation is chasing the neighbors … and our neighbors are no longer agile enough to run.

We haven't decided if we will stick with just the training collar and the remote control zapper or go for the buried electric wire that will jolt him if he gets too close to the property line.

The training collar may be enough. So should we get the $99 economy model that will zap him 90 feet away or go for the $279 deluxe model that will call him home from down the block (500 feet)?

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