Our Opinion: Do we feel slighted?

May 21, 2002

It may seem like a minor oversight that the Riverside County Web site fails to mention that among the counties Riverside borders is Imperial County. And truthfully, it's not as though our identity depends on Riverside acknowledging us. Nevertheless, it would be nice to be noticed by our neighbors.

We urge Riverside County officials to make a change to their Web site. At the least it's the neighborly thing to do. However, just in case county officials there cannot think of a reason to properly identify Imperial County, we thought we'd offer a few.

· The Imperial Irrigation District — based in small, insignificant Imperial County — supplies power to a portion of Riverside County. While we're on the topic of the IID, a portion of Riverside County is looking toward a deal with the IID to increase the water supply to that area.

· Imperial County is home to the most state-of-the-art, albeit a bit smelly, beef-processing plant in the nation. It is a facility that could prove beneficial to the entire state. Already the beef plant has had a drastic impact on the unemployment rate in Imperial County.


· We share a body of water called the Salton Sea. It is the sea that is at the forefront of water transfers between the Imperial Valley and other areas, including Riverside County. If the sea flourishes, both Riverside and Imperial counties flourish. If the sea dies, both communities will pay the price in countless ways.

· Imperial County is home to one the busiest ports of entry in the state, which means much of the foreign commerce that moves through Riverside County is coming from the Imperial Valley.

· Imperial County is one of the most important agricultural communities in the state and is on the forefront of crop creation as local farmers look to sugar cane as a new crop that could flourish in California. We likely soon will be home to a renewed and vibrant dairy industry.

· Plenty of Riverside County residents visit the Imperial Valley every year, utilizing our sand dunes. And many of our folks visit your county, to shop, gamble in the casinos, golf or just stop for a meal or a tank of gas on the way through to the Los Angeles area. And many of our residents help your farms with their harvests, including your grape harvest.

Those are just a few of the reasons we think it might be worth it for Riverside County officials to correct their mistake. Then again we are not looking for any favors. We in Imperial County are doing pretty well on our own at making sure the rest of the state is aware we are here. And the efforts seem to be working, as an increasing amount of growth seems to be heading our way.

We urge people in Imperial Valley to share with us and Riverside County why they think their oversight is worth correcting. There are certainly many more reasons than we have space to mention here.

For example, we wonder if our neighbors know the Imperial Valley was birthplace to Cher, that the original "Star Wars" was filmed here, along with the "Scorpion King."

Yes, that's right, The Rock was here and he is now a friend of Imperial County.

So Riverside County, can you smell what Imperial County is cooking?

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