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Voice: Make lemonade from transfer

May 21, 2002

The damage to the Salton Sea is going to be the loss of water that dumps in the sea, whether by conservation or fallowing.

I now read that our governor is in favor of fallowing as to not anger the environentalists. The governor, it seems, doesn't give a darn about our Imperial Valleys residents or the environmentalists. The larger population of San Diego that can get him more votes might be a strong incentive.

Environmentalists lose credibility when damage to the Colorado River from Parker Dam to Imperial Dam is not mentioned. That part of the river is going to lose water as well.

Environmentalists are in favor of fallowing as a conservation method to save water (this is an oxymoron if I ever heard one). Any water conservation will be pumped to the Metropolitan Water District from Parker Dam and then to San Diego.


Realize that the water allotment will be less. We will have to make do with what is left over, much like an income tax on your wages. Any water conserved is not coming to the Imperial Valley. There may be no water for the sea. If the governor rules for fallowing land to conserve water (it seems we are getting lemons), hey, lets make lemonade.

First the Imperial Irrigation District calculates how many acres are needed to be fallowed and divides that number by the number of landowners. Landowners will have to fallow their portions (as per the governor).

Second, the IID water department reimburses the power department for the loss of hydro-generation. Since there is less water going through the hydros, the falling water charge has to drop as well.

Third, IID uses some of the money to repair and upgrade water canals and gates to raise efficiency of the system (saving money and lowering the water rates). The rest of the money goes to help the county, which will be hard hit by the lost farm revenue. IID has the water rights and all five directors are on record as against fallowing.

The governor ruled fallowing is a way to conserve water. If this is a legal ruling, IID will have to do what is best for the Valley. Any person who doesn't like the governor putting the screws to our Imperial Valley, give the governor a call. He's listed in the phone book.



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