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Voice: IID dragging its feet about improving its shoddy practices

May 22, 2002

Byron McClure, you wrote a very nice-sounding letter in support of the Imperial Irrigation District.

Bad stuff does happen at the IID, though.

1. In the early 1970s the IID lost to a discrimination suit. It wasted thousands of dollars protecting the bad guys at IID.

2. IID employees have since 1990 been calling me and coming to my house to complain. Why me? I don't know. The two departments I hear the majority of complaints of costly blundering, favoritism, (favoritism causes unqualified IID employees being hired and promoted. This causes part of the waste mentioned in the efficiency study) application manipulation are in the water department and mechanical department. This has led to costly litigations. In one case of discrimination the IID has spend close to $1 million to protect the bad guys.

3. In one case job application standards were lowered to favor a supervisor's 19-year-old son over two better IID employees. I hear this is common.


Not qualified managers and employees waste dollars.

These documents were brought to my house.

4. An applicant, also a school trustee, was given the questions to a position for which he was less qualified than others. More wasted money as he qualified.

5. A manager in a trivial dispute brought an IID-paid lawyer as a witness to oppose me as a silent witness. Why can't rank and file also be given a paid IID lawyer? How much money did the IID waste on this lawyer?

6. Supervisors went to an expo in Florida and Vegas, some with their girlfriends, a well-paid IID vacation. To do this many IID employees sat around for several days waiting for their supervisors to come back from their IID paid vacation. How much money lost?

I have brought most of these to the board. They try to gag me and do ignore me and just stare at me like cattle at a feedlot.

Byron McClure, saving $31 million a year benefits everyone. So far the IID has wasted another $25.3 million by dragging its feet.

The IID has always used the tactic of dragging its feet to do away with complaints. We must stop the feet-dragging now!


El Centro

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