Probe: May 22, 2002

May 22, 2002

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? — The Calexico High Bulldog class of 1963 is looking for stray dogs. We're getting together for our 40th reunion.

The reunion committee will be meeting at 11 a.m. Saturday at (naturally) the Bulldog Sports Bar & Grill.

Some of the dogs we haven't been able to find are: Kay Nakamoto, Pedro and Pablo Corral, Jessie Camacho, Anna Delgado, Norma Goldsmith, Diana Fuentes and Frank Del Rio.

Also Sergio and George Covarrubias, Conrad Aragon, Barbara Bain, George Carnes, Jim Knudsen, Sharon Lee, Johnny Lopez, Mike Montgomery, Francisco Morales, William Rangel, Ramon Sanchez and Huldah Smith. — Dog Catcher, Calexico

Not every missing dog is lost. Expect some of your pooches to show up at your committee meeting. Anybody who wants directions to the bar may call Loli Torres at 357-3479.


FOUND, MISSING WILDCAT — One lost member of the class of the BUHS class of 1951, Amelia Murillo, has been found living on El Centro Avenue in El Centro. I called you because there was no number to call in PROBE. — Wildcat's Daughter, Imperial

Thanks for calling the oversight to our attention. Anybody else who wants to report the whereabouts of 1951 stray cats may call Marion Journey at 344-3064. Now we have some classmates in search of a reunion.

QUESTION: My friends and I graduated from Central Union High School in 1992. We haven't heard a word about our reunion. Could you find out? — 1992 Blue Bleeder, El Centro

If there's a reunion, somebody will let us know. But maybe there's nothing going. You may have to pull a few friends together to start the ball rolling.

WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN? — You don't go to the dentist if you have a stomach problem. You go to an internist. So it goes that if you have a transmission problem, you don't go to a lube joint. You go to a transmission specialist.

Here's a news flash for the manager of the lube joint who told his unhappy customer that an overfilled transmission will affect the shifting. Overfilling has nothing to do with the shifting. The excess fluid will go through the blow-by tube.

The unhappy customer should not blame the lube joint. Lube guys think they have a smattering of knowledge of transmissions and most times they will fake it. Next time take your vehicle to a transmission specialist. There are several in the Valley. — Car Owner, No Address

The unhappy customer claims the lube technicians left a fluid line loose and when the line wriggled off, it dumped his fluid, damaging the transmission.

The company disputes the customer's claim and we expect this could end up in court.

CHEERLEADERS GET NO RESPECT — As a woman I have nothing but respect for the young ladies who work so hard to cheer on their teams.

Perhaps the disrespect they may be feeling at Imperial Valley College is based more on their Arab mascot. Not only do I find the mascot dehumanizing to the Arab population but it sends a mixed signal to the public. — Military Mom, El Centro

We think it has more to do with envy. It's just not fair for a young woman to be that good-looking and smart, too.

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