Voice: BUHS election controversy wrongly reflecting on fine young man

May 22, 2002

The recent election for senior class president at Brawley Union High School was reminiscent of our last national election for president.

However, the biggest difference in the results lies in the fact that our high school made every attempt to prevent voting fraud from occurring by instituting labeled voting ballots. Each person had a named ballot insuring that only one vote came from each voting member in the class.

All the candidates are to be commended for both their campaign strategies and the high regard held for them by their peers. It is extraordinary that the race was so close.

There has been some criticism of the election and in a few cases a request for a recount. I am applauding the decision of staff, student body officers and administration for disallowing the recount as there was no proof of error.


The disturbing aspect of this situation is that few have come forward to congratulate the winner, David Vargas. David has been an exemplary member of a local youth club in Brawley since he was 9 years old. He has never been a disciplinary problem, has been an outstanding student, has been helpful to staff and his peers and now serves as a junior member of the staff.

David was chosen the Youth of the Year last year at the club and competed in a Southern California Youth of the Year competition, where he made it to the semifinals.

His membership in Upward Bound, a program to advance minority populations on to college, led to his being chosen the outstanding student in this program last year. He was recently awarded the student of the month at BUHS. David is a creative, supportive, and intelligent boy who will be careful to listen to all suggestions that his class has to recommend in order to implement a successful senior year.

Please do not dwell on what separates us in regard to either close voting outcomes or cultural differences, but what unites us as Americans. Give him your support as he certainly has won the admiration and support of the staff where he works.



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