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Subject to Change by Rudy Yniguez: Democrats + environmentalists = death in New York

May 24, 2002

Immediately after Islamic mass murderers attacked this country on Sept. 11, Democrats were quick to insist that no one be blamed for the murder of 3,000 people.

Democrats said we should join hands to fight terrorism.

Such an immediate reaction should come as no surprise; no surprise because it is the Democrat Party that goes to extremes every year to cut and gut as much as possible from this nation's defense budget. Good Americans like Bob Filner, Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton don't give a damn if this country has a military with which to defend itself. They have no use for this country other than their own self-gratification and to exercise oppressive power over the rest of us.

As someone who was in the Navy for eight years, followed by 10 years working for the Department of Defense, I was witness to the continual gutting of defense budgets by a Congress controlled by the Democrat Party and a White House that was soiled by a draft dodger. Under their leadership, hundreds of military bases across the country were closed, including the one at which I worked: Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, a base used for the overhaul of nuclear submarines that also provided skilled tradesmen to work on nuclear surface ships in other West Coast ports.


California was the state hardest hit from the base closures. Just at Mare Island, 6,600 employees lost their jobs. Democrats had no choice but to change their tune. They went from their yearly mantra, "Cut defense by 50 percent," to "Cut defense by 50 percent, but not in my district."

Not surprisingly, the union I belonged to, the International Federation of Professional and Technical Workers, was in full support of Bill Clinton, Boxer and Feinstein even as the base closures loomed above us.

Nevertheless, defense spending was gutted. Schools that taught foreign nations how to deal with mass murderers, like certain Muslims, were closed, and this nation's spy networks were hung out to dry.

Today these same slime ball Democrats are now lining up to accuse President Bush of having enough information to have prevented Saudi Arabian citizens from murdering women and children in this country — which by the way seems to be a Muslim expertise, as we see almost daily in Israel.

The reason these ultra-liberals are suddenly more than willing to place blame is because the Democrat Party, along with environmentalists, are truly responsible for the deaths in New York, the Pentagon and the fields in Pennsylvania. I've already stated how they did it.

Meanwhile, during the years Bill Clinton was soiling Monica's blue dress, our military leaders were placed on notice: they were to publicly say their gutted budgets were all that was needed. To say otherwise would have ended their careers; so even our military leaders stabbed this nation in the back. It was only in the last year of the sex president's orgy that military leaders began to change their tune. It was too late.

Then there was Sept. 11, 2001. The blame lies directly at the feet of Democrats.

How do environmentalists fit into this? Read on.

Environmentalists have long believed humans are a cancer on this Earth. Everything we do, in the opinion of environmentalists, helps destroy the world. To them it is preferable to save a blade of grass than save humans. For example, it has long been known there is little fresh water in parts of Africa. People there cut down trees to use the wood for heat to boil water to supply clean water for their children. Environmentalists are rabidly opposed to the cutting down of trees despite the fact there is no other readily available fuel supply. Kill the kids, save the trees.

They do the same thing when it comes to oil. They, and the Democrat Party, are vehemently opposed to drilling for oil on a few acres in Alaska because they fear damage to some blades of grass. Instead, they fully support the purchase of oil from totalitarian regimes in the Middle East. These oil purchases give billions of dollars to "our friends" in Saudi Arabia, the same country that produced 11 of the 19 murderers from Sept. 11 and one of the many Islamic countries paying their youths to mass murder Israeli women and children.

(As an aside, it's interesting to note that the European country that gave us Nazi sympathizers is encouraging attacks on Jews: France — a country incapable of keeping its own freedom without this country's intervention. Of course, the reason France encourages attacks on Jews is because they have nothing to fear: Jews will not murder French women and children, Muslims will.)

On Sept. 11, 2001, George W. Bush should have declared martial law, rounded up all Middle Easterners, released those who are American citizens, released those who've been permanent residents for at least 15 years, and deported the rest, but only if not connected to a crime. Those deported would include all students despite the incredible sniveling of some colleges and universities more interested in money than in American lives.

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