IID names employee of the month

May 25, 2002|STAFF REPORT

Imperial Irrigation District General Manager Jesse Silva and the IID Board of Directors honored 13-year veteran Daniel Johnston as employee of the month for May 2002 at the board's May 14 meeting.

Johnston's quick thinking and prompt action at the Drop 2 hydro generation facility in early February helped the district avoid losing thousands of dollars in lost generation and prevented potential equipment damage and cleanup.

While working on an unrelated project at the drop on Feb. 6, Johnston, a mechanic generation leader, noticed that the governor to the compressor on the Unit 1 turbine was running and unattended.

This situation could have created major problems, said Alan Jackson, mechanic generation foreman, Johnston's supervisor.

"Dan noticed that the pressure was getting too high and that we were getting into trouble, so he shut the compressor off and notified the control operator and reestablished the oil level," Jackson said. "We could have lost the whole unit, but thanks to his quick thinking, everything turned out fine."


Johnston said he just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

"I knew by the sound what was going on," Johnston said, "so I knew what to do."

Troubleshooting is nothing new for the generation crews, he added.

"We troubleshoot all the time," he said, "but it's nice to get the recognition, and it's nice to have supervisors who appreciate it."

Johnston joined the district in June 1989 as a mechanic generation senior apprentice. Three years later he was promoted to mechanic generation journeyman. He has been a mechanic generation leader since August 1997.

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